Actor Stefano Scherini to take over the role of Antonio


Originally played bt American actor Reg E Cathey, known for his roles on House of Cards, The Wire and Fantastic Four, the role of Antonio will now be played by Italian actor Stefano Scherini.
“With so much going on in the world, I was looking forward to performing in The Merchant in Venice with my beloved company Compagnia de’ Colombari as it explores the experience of ‘the other” in society and the conflicts we face as citizens of the world. With the unexpected scheduling changes of my commitments back home I am heartbroken not to be apart of that exploration. Fortunately they’ve got a brilliant actor in Stefano whose energy and spirit will make an exciting Antonio.”
“I was heartbroken to learn of our need to recast the role. As an active board member and longtime friend, Reg is a huge part of Colombari. However Stefano brings his own unique energy to the project. He is going to be great,” said Karin Coonrod, director of The Merchant in Venice.
Mr Scherini adds, “I am honored to join Karin and Compagnia de’ Colombari in this landmark production of Merchant in Venice. For me, this play, performed on the steps of the Jewish Ghetto, in Venice, is an opportunity to look at the humanity and mercy we desperately need in these times.”
The production will not be interrupted in any way due to the cast change.