Meet the Actors: Adriano Iurissevich as Shylock #2 / Aragon


Adriano Iurissevich is an Italian actor, director, musician and drama teacher, active in Italy, Spain, England and Israel. He worked with the Teatro Stabile of Veneto and of Genoa, the Gran Teatro di Carlo Cecchi, the Telemaco company (Madrid), the Gaslit Theatre Company (London) and the Habimah Theatre of Jerusalem. Adriano has been acting professionally since 1983, in theatre, cinema and television, under the direction of Benno Besson, ( Carlo Gozzi’s The love of the three oranges; Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Circle), Peter Greenaway (The Children of Uranium), J.Sanchis Sinisterra (El lector por horas), Paolo Benvenuti (Confortorio), Carlo Boso, Bruno Cirino, Giancarlo Zanetti, Augusto Zucchi, Carlo Cecchi, Giancarlo Solari and Giuseppe Emiliani, among others. As a director, his most recent credits include Menti (from José Sanchis Sinisterra), with Accademia Teatrale Veneta Venezia, and Yuan Mayorga’s Hamelin. Since 1989 he has been teaching and collaborating with theatre academies and universities all over Europe. He is also active as playwright, translator, singer and songwriter.