Meet the Actors: Stefano Scherini as Antonio


Stefano Scherini has been working as professional actor since 1994. He studied theatre with Luca Ronconi, Marisa Fabbri, Nikolaj Karpov and Marnadou Dioume, as well as singing and puppeteering. Stage credits include collaborations with major Italian theatres and artists. He also took part in international tours in Europe and Brazil and in important theatre festivals. Film credits include Peter Greenaway’s Goltzius & the Pelican Company, Gianni Pacinotti’s L’Ultimo Terrestre and, most recently, Paolo Virzì’s La Pazza Gioia. Stefano also works as a director – most notably, in 2015, he directed Iliade – Mito di ieri, Guerra di Oggi, produced by the Mitmacher Cultural Association of Verona he co-founded in 2012. The play has been touring extensively between 2015 and 2016, and was hosted by the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, which will also include the play in the 2016-2017 season.